Welcome to Saints Meal Prep..

Welcome to Saints Meal Prep..

Welcome to Saints Meal Prep.. Welcome to Saints Meal Prep.. Welcome to Saints Meal Prep..

"We Prep It, You Wreck It"

I take pride in preparing healthy meals that are also great tasting!

Chef Santos


We have several locations that carry our food!!

We have fresh meals available every Monday at these locations listed below:

Naspower Gym: 4205 Resnik Ct Hours: 11am = 11pm

Back2back Sports Complex: 3501 N Sillect Ave Hours: 4am-8pm

Bakersfield Sports Nutrtion: 9612 Flushing Quail Rd Hours 10am-8pm

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Saints Meal Prep

Hello, Welcome to Saints, we cater to all of the Bakersfield area & high desert areas!

All meals are made fresh weekly, out of our commissary shared kitchen in Bakersfield.  You can choose to have your meals delivered to your home, or office for a small fee (Delivery goes up for surrounding cities) or you can pick them up Sundays at our location for FREE! Delivery times for Bakersfield Ca start Sunday from 7-10 pm or Monday morning between 10-3 pm. We let you choose a time frame that's best for you & your schedule. If it's your job, home or a friends house we bring it to you. For the high desert areas its every Tuesday between the hours of 7-10, We are not set up for nation wide shipping at the moment but we are currently looking into it & will announce when it will be available.  We are on the hunt for the perfect location so we can soon open a store front! We hope this answers most questions if not give us a call. We are here to meet your needs.

Contact Information

If you have any questions at all you can always call us 661-376-2537, email Saintsmealprep@gmail.com or send us a message here & we will get back to you no later then 1-2 hours. (Unless its a holiday)

Finalizing Your Order

Please make sure you provide us with your telephone number & the address we will be delivering to. All orders must be completed by Friday midnight in order to make the pick up or delivery cut off time for the following week for Bakersfield & the high desert areas! All orders are customizable & you can always leave us a note with allergies or certain special recommendations. We look forward to prepping for you. 

Macros List

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Any necessary modifications

After you place your order feel free to leave us any special modifications such as allergies, leave in an ice chest you provide at your door step, call 20 min before in route etc. We want to make this experience as pleasant as possible & meet all your needs & expectations! Thank you! 

Saints Meal Prep

3700 Easton Drive, Bakersfield, California 93309, United States

(661) 376-2537


We are not a store front, we do however rent out a comissary shared kitchen every Sunday/Monday to deliver fresh food to Bakersfield and the High Desert! We only offer pickup for Bakersfield Sunday between 7-9 after you choose that option to pick up, We will send you a text between that time frame for pick up and you have till 11pm to pick up your food! We offer delivery for both locations for a small fee!

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